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This “A.I.M” program has been developed (and continuously evolves) to address the real challenges to peak performance and increase productivity in today’s dynamic workplace.

As the saying goes “When you stop chasing for the wrong things, you’ll give a chance for the right things to catch up”. A.I.M is designed to take you through a well-developed process in order for you to achieve Inner Mastery.

One of the most important aspect for an individual to be effective is to be happy in doing what he/she is doing. By being happy within, the individual is more effective in carrying out the day to day activities with much enthusiasm. In being a leader, this is essential as he/she will be leading a team with awesome vibes. In return, the team performance increases. So, it is true that in order to be happy, one must know what he or she wants. Once this is established, the path towards achieving the desired goal can be determined. A.I.M retreat takes you through a comprehensive process.


This program is design to take an individual to have more clarity in:

1. What he/she wants
2. Identifying what are the strengths needed to achieve the desired result.
3. How to be in the NOW with greater alignment of self in order to carry out the actions.
4. Constructing the right environment in which he/she can be in control to achieve the desired result.

Brief Training Outline

1. Classroom workshop
2. Group activities
3. Self reflection by observing silence
4. Trekking to anchor teaching.
5. Demonstration on how negative emotion can me removed with CORE technique

Duration of the Program

The content, intensity and duration of the programs will be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client’s requirements taking into account workplace dynamics, physical location of teams etc.

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The series Law of Attraction training workshop for all employees of AIA certainly created a sense of confidence, a changed minset, feeling awesome, self awareness and how important of our actions when we are at our job and in our personal lives. The workshop has enlightened us with new knowledge and skills. It has inspired our employees to stay positive

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